Registration: MI Adventure Race: ArtPrize Edition 2017

Below are the racers that have already registered for this event. Click on the title to sort by that field. For the adventure races, search by team captain and then click on the + symbol to see any additional teammate(s).


  Division Team Name First Name Last Name Province City State
 two-person maleCrazy ridiculous chickensJeffBuursma   
 two-person maleCrazy ridiculous chickensJoshLewis    
 AlainaWoloszynGrand RapidsMichigan
 two-person femaleGoogle Street ViewElyseFlynn   
 two-person femaleGoogle Street ViewAlainaWoloszyn   
 two-person malePrime Of Our Lives?PatrickGarland   
 two-person malePrime Of Our Lives?AlexLulko   
 AlexisCastelFarmington HillsMichigan
 two-person co-edBeatNBSarahCastel   
 two-person co-edBeatNBAlexisCastel   
 Alysia Slusser ChicagoIllinois
 two-person co-edA Plus BBrianSlusser   
 two-person co-edA plus BAlysia Slusser   
 two-person co-edWamandaWayneButler   
 two-person co-edWamandaAmandaButler   
 two-person femaleAtalantaLauraVanderBeek   
 two-person femaleAtalantaMandyEldred   
 AmandaLavoyEast LansingMichigan
 two-person co-edWarhol'n AssClintMartin   
 two-person co-edWarhol'n AssAmandaLavoy   
 AmberWisniewskiGrand RapidsMichigan
 two-person femalePlopheadsTabithaVance   
 two-person femalePlopheadsAmberWisniewski   
 two-person femaleAdventure SlothsElizabeth JoyGlaze   
 two-person femaleAdventure SlothsAmyBerridge   
 AmyConstantGrand RapidsMichigan
 two-person co-edWe're On A Date!BradConstant   
 two-person co-edWe're On A Date!AmyConstant   
 two-person co-edA&WWendyHahn   
 two-person co-edA&WAndrewHahn   
 AndrewIngallGrand HavenMichigan
 two-person co-edA Bear and a Bison Walk In To a BarElizabethIngall   
 two-person co-edA Bear and a Bison Walk In To a BarAndrewIngall   
 AndrijLawrinTraverse CityMichigan
 two-person co-edThe Uke and Da YooperCrystalLawrin   
 two-person co-edThe Uke and Da YooperAndrijLawrin   
 Three-person co-edAKAKevinPlunkey   
 Three-person co-edAKAAddieGeissel   
 Three-person co-edAKAAshleyManning   
 AshleySlotGrand RapidsMichigan
 two-person co-edSlots of funAshleySlot   
 two-person co-edSlots of funDouglasSlot   
 two-person co-edOU812NathanGarrelts   
 two-person co-edOU812BethGarrelts   
 Three-person femaleWe Walk Up HillsTammiRyan   
 Three-person femaleWe Walk Up HillsJenny Henry   
 Three-person femaleWe Walk Up HillsBethanySelleck   
 Billy JacksonDearborn HeightsMichigan
 two-person co-edThe First OrderVan Jackson   
 two-person co-edThe First OrderBilly Jackson   
 Bonnie Lee
 two-person femaleNifty Fifty-AZATAliceTsui   
 two-person femaleNifty Fifty-AZATAmandaZimmermann