Snap Registration

Alleviate the Pain, Stress, and Costs of Managing Your Events!

Events provide a powerful, unique way for you to engage your audience, strengthen your community, and build brand affinity. However, if managed ineffectively, they can be time consuming and reap few benefits. The good news: there’s a way to streamline your processes, cut promotion and administrative costs, and eliminate unnecessary stress, while at the same time increasing event participation.

Snap Registration makes it easy for you to:

  • Boost attendance with convenient online registration
  • Create custom online registration forms and event web pages
  • Promote your event with photo albums, message boards, unique web addresses, attendee lists, event calendars, and RSS
  • Offer different event fees based on date ranges, activities, and target audience
  • Provide support for ticketing, event-related sales, and registration for multiple activities within an event
  • Automate and personalize registration-confirmation e-mails
  • Track registration through e-mail notification and downloadable reports
  • Apply registration limits and waiting lists
  • Clone and reuse event templates
  • Conduct secure monetary transactions (Snap Registration is certified by GoDaddy and Michigan Retailers Association)

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